In most songs vocals tend to be the most important and challenging instrument to produce and mix, which is why we would like to share our 7 most popular mixing tutorials for vocal production.

Techniques for mixing vocals are as subjective and diverse as voices themselves, so make sure to watch each tutorial and gain 7 different mixing strategies and techniques that you can start applying today.

1. Mixing Background Vocals for a Pop Rock Track

2. How to Add Life to your Pop/Dance/Hip Hop/Rock Vocals with Dynamic Reverb

3. Using a Delay Throw Technique to Add Excitement and Bring out the Vocals in a Mix

4. Vocal Sidechain Compression: Trailing Delay

5. Mixing Lead Vocals

6. Using Layers, Panning, and Effects to Create Movement and Contrast in your Hip Hop Mixes 

7. Mixing Hip Hop Background Vocals