It’s important to train your ear and familiarize yourself with different recording and mixing scenarios. Similar to our last post, 7 Free Tutorials on Mixing Vocals, in this post we’ve combined our 8 most popular tutorials on Recording and Mixing Guitars. Each tutorial provides a different situation and technique to achieve a desired sound.

The objective of these tutorials is not to record and mix the “worlds greatest guitar sound”, the point is to experiment and build special skill-sets that will allow you produce a variety of different sounds.

1. Recording and Mixing an Acoustic Guitar / Mic Placement Technique

2. Mixing Acoustic Guitars for a Pop Rock Track 

3. Recording and Mixing an Acoustic Guitar with an SM57

4. Recording and Mixing an Electric Guitar with an SM57

5. Mixing Acoustic Guitars – Luke Williams Studio Session

6. How to Record an Acoustic Guitar

7. Microphone Placement for Recording an Electric Guitar

8. How to Record an Electric Guitar